Bertilla is Brigand Hill's fabulous cook


Airport Pickup
George can provide, but there are always plenty of cabs available.

Best Guide Book
Hands down, the one you want is Indigo's "St. Lucia". A copy is available for reference at the villa, where we also provide information on all St. Lucia's attractions.

St. Lucia uses the Eastern Caribbean currency (universally referred to as "EC"). One US dollar equals 2.7 "EC". You're best advised to employ EC; while USD, travelers checks etc. are readily accepted, you may suffer on the exchange rate. Generally, local prices are somewhat lower than most guests expect, though the larger hotels charge US-type rates for food, beverage and services.

Grocery Shopping
For "big shops", we like Super J’s Supermarket in Cul de Sac; Marigot Bay's ship store has some groceries and wine, but at premium prices. Better to shop at other local supermarkets. The open-air market in Castries offers a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, pottery, and native crafts at excellent prices (though be prepared to barter). George can shop for you for a fee of $60 and can direct you to the wine shops.

Clothing Optional ... OK?
Certainly--but best when the staff is off site!

The telephone number at Brigand Hill is 758-458-3917. Calls may be dialed directly from Brigand Hill to the US and Europe; on outbound calls, guests are requested to use a credit card or to dial collect. Please call George ahead of your arrival (758-712-1818) to arrange your first night’s dinner and confirm your arrival.  If you wish him to do so, you may arrange for  food and beverages to be stocked. 

The staff know the who, what, where and why of St. Lucia, so be sure to enlist their help in assuring the success of your holiday. 

Entering St. Lucia
A passport is required to enter the country. If you elect to rent a car, you must obtain a St. Lucian driver's license (good for three months; obtain at the airport when you disembark). Drive on the left side of the road (as you would in the UK) and be especially careful on Friday afternoons (pay day in St. Lucia and a day when the rum shops do excellent business.) Don't pick up hitchhikers around Soufriere; they will likely panhandle from you with heart-rending tales of personal misfortunes in life (all clever fiction). Tourists are charged a departure fee of $26.

While staff salaries cover their basic responsibilities, our staff rely on gratuities for an important part of their income. Guests typically tip approximately $60 US$ per individual guest (adults and children) per week, divided between Bertilla, George, and Miss Vera, as you consider appropriate. Please pay each staff member directly.

Electric System
The electric current throughout the villa is 220 volt A.C., not what you're used to in the U.S. Adapters are provided, but be aware that the island's power supply is very "dirty"; consequently, we strongly urge the use of surge suppressors, which are provided, before plugging in appliances.

Wireless access is available.