Tikaye Resort and Spa
 Built about the same time a decade ago, the villa and the uniquely charming Tikaye Resort and Spa have grown together, creating happy memories for hundreds of guests. Since its founding, Tikaye has constantly lifted and expanded its offerings, always working to enhance its staff skills and facilities.
Inevitably, more and more of our guests have discovered Tikaye’s charms.
Brigand Hill guests love Tikaye’s privately-accessed Anse Cochon beach, its beachfront bar/restaurant/dive shop, and its superb main dining room—historically limited to guest use only. The recently added Spa and wine tasting room—both world class-- have also drawn favorable note.  And recent staff additions have elevated Tikaye’s food and beverage offerings to gourmet levels—arguably the highest standard in St Lucia.
Now, under a new agreement, Brigand Hill guests may uniquely enjoy complete access to this outstanding resort, opening charge accounts at Tikaye for their stay, and simply signing for the growing array of services offered at the Resort.
Note: Tikaye is a vigorous half-hour walk (or ten minute drive) from Brigand Hill. More details about this wonderful facility are available at www.tikaye.com.        
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